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Four Questions for a Resilient Life - # H402 – 03
In all areas of life, within our community, country and the world, we are bombarded with change. Be it a change in marital or job status, or a physical health challenge, sometimes things don't turn out the way we imagined they would. Having knowledge about what factors contribute to human resilience as well as awareness of resiliency promoting tools can help us face challenges and experience a more peaceful, purposeful and happier life. 
This is an interesting, interactive workshop in which you will learn about four, research based questions, that when answered thoughtfully, have been shown to promote human resilience. Participate in activities that will help you identify your core life values and your longer-term life goals. Discuss ways that you have or can maintain good overall health, and begin creating a simple design to increase your ability to healthfully respond to the changes you may be facing currently or in the future. 
Age Req:
18 and up
9:00 AM
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04/07/2018   9:00AM - 1:00PM Diamondhead Education Center - 2020 (CE 101)